I went to a café the other day on my way to a meeting.  It was a small one in a local grocery/sundry store.  It’s in a sort of hippie town so it had the possibility of being a hidden gem.  The menu wasn’t much but I was excited to see they had matcha lattes and  even had coconut milk as an option.  Right below matcha latte was “ Lavender Latte”.  It sounded intriguing so I asked what was in it.  The barista didn’t know so he went to find out.

It sounded so yummy.  So healthy.  I was excited.  While he walked away, images of the possibility went through my head. Fresh, or maybe, dried lavender expertly steeped for the flavor?   Was it added to coffee or a tea?  Which tea would it be paired with…?

My thoughts were interrupted when he turned around with a bottle of lavender syrup.  (Insert the sound they make in movies when a record skips and the music stops…) SO disappointed.

I asked to look at the bottle and as I suspected sugar was the first ingredient and lavender was not listed at all.  It had ‘natural flavors’, red dye and blue dye.  No thanks.

I opted for the matcha latte.

I googled ‘Lavendar Latte’ when I got home.  And sure enough it’s been a craze for a while.  (I guess I don’t frequent coffee shops much.)  If you’ve been enjoying lavender lattes at your local coffee shop, chances are it’s loaded with sugar AND you are missing out on real lavender, which you don’t want to do!

Lavender has tremendous health benefits for women.  Lavender has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  It helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression.  It has a calming affect so it helps with sleep.  

The idea of a lavender latte has not left my mind and so I satisfied my taste buds with this simple homemade version with real lavender.

Homemade Lavender Latte

1 tsp. Raspberry Leaf* or Chamomile Tea steeped in 6-8 oz water for 5 minutes.
1-2 drops lavender essential oil
1/2 cup almond milk
1-2 drops vanilla stevia liquid concentrate (optional)

If you don’t have lavender essential oil, Traditional Medicinals has a Chamomile with Lavender that is delicious.

*Raspberry leaf tea has tremendous health benefits for peri-menopause and menopause too!  Double win!

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On the menu so far…Lamb and Fennel Stew, Ginger Salmon & Green Beans, and Turkey Kofta with Tzatziki Sauce.

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