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an estimated 25 – 50% of the 26 million women who have uterine fibroids experience severe symptoms.


while surgery is often part of the solution,

it is not the only part of the puzzle.


learn about a more holistic approach to healing.`

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Hi, I'm Maria.

My goal in life is to help women prevent and resolve their fibroids so you can live pain-free, be productive, and have the energy to do what you love.

And, like you, I have fibroids.

In fact, after my diagnosis at 29 and subsequent surgery at 37, I quit my job as a financial professional to help women with fibroids find a more holistic approach to healing.

If you are ready to explore how you can rebalance your hormones through diet, schedule a free 15-minute appointment and let’s chat. 

Maria Quintana-Pilling


What Clients are Saying

“Easy to Work With”

“Maria has a genuine and patient personality that makes her easy to work with, and she was very responsive to any questions I had about any aspect of the program I was on. She does not work on a one-size-fits-all way, and worked to customize the program to my needs and to how my body was responding to the supplements. I would totally recommend her and work with her again in the future.”

DK, Oakland, CA

Warm, Understanding, Compassionate, and Respectful

Maria was warm, understanding, compassionate, and respectful of the long journey I had already been on.  I felt safe to let my defenses down, and began to trust her wisdom and guidance.  It felt so amazing to not be going through this health struggle alone!  It feels like we’re a team of powerful women coming together to care for my body. “

AB, Lawrence, KS

“Her program was life changing”

“I left my sleepy afternoons behind, and my
overall energy level increased noticeably throughout the day.”

Nancy, Petaluma, CA

“Maria is amazing!”

Maria is amazing. I have worked with her both personally and eventually I couldn’t help but start referring all my clients to her professionally!.”

Bee, San Rafael, CA

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