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Maria has a genuine and patient personality that makes her easy to work with, and she was very responsive to any questions I had about any aspect of the program I was on. She does not work on a one-size-fits-all way, and worked to customize the program to my needs and to how my body was responding to the supplements. I would totally recommend her and work with her again in the future.


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The Perfect End of Summer Salad Recipe: Tomato, Peach and Red Onion Salad

It's tomato season and time to think about all things tomato. In October last year, I wrote that we had tomatoes coming out our ears.  Our garden was exploding with tomatoes.  Sadly, this year, it's not looking like that will happen. There is still time so I am hoping...

Health Benefits of Mushrooms for Peri-menopause

I always fall in love with one of the recipes in my (Peri-) Menopause Detox.  And I found the one this detox.  It’s Quinoa with Mushroom, Arugula and Lemon.  The base recipe comes from the Ottolenghi Cookbook (my favorite of all time!).  I adapted...

Blueberry Blast Smoothie With Coconut Milk

Blueberry season has come to an end.   It seems appropriate to bid them a fond farewell with this delicious smoothie.  I hope you loaded up on blueberries throughout the summer …and hopefully still have a few ice trays full of frozen blueberries to last you a while...

3 reasons why you are not hungry in the morning

I was curious so I asked a group of my Mama CEO friends if they ate breakfast in the morning and if not, what stops them. I got the usual “I have no time.” “I eat it but I usually grab easy unhealthy carb foods.” And we can all relate to those. Having time could very...

Being Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Hard – 3 Small Steps That Have A Big Impact

Have you been thinking about a health goal or change but are too overwhelmed by the thought of it? Then I invite you to read to the bottom. I have some small ideas for you. I mean, seriously, if January is any indication of how crazy this year will be, I can see your...

Best Food for Healthy Bones: Bones

Mother nature is clever.  Foods that are good for you often look like the body part they most support.  There are tons of examples of this:  carrots for eyes, walnuts for the brain, and bones for bones! Bones?  Yes, bones.  Bones contain all of the minerals from the...

5 Steps to Stop Your Sugar Addiction

‘Addiction’ is such a strong word. I know. I could have said ‘cravings’. But let’s get real for a minute. We are all probably in denial about our sugar ‘addiction’. According to an addiction is an unusually great interest in something or a need to...

We may collect, use and process your data according to the terms of our Privacy Policy.