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“I began working with Maria in order to understand how my blood sugar and high cholesterol
could be controlled or reduced through nutrition. I chose her three-month nutrition program
and after our first session together I realized there was so much I didn’t know. Maria’s use of
written explanations, charts, graphs and handouts were very helpful when I wanted to review
information and develop a deeper understanding. I left my sleepy afternoons behind, and my
overall energy level increased noticeably throughout the day. I followed the three-month
program with a GI Wellness program. I lost weight without struggle and my skin was soft and
visibly healthy. I appreciate Maria’s kind and gentle support as well as her fund of knowledge.
Her program was life changing.

Nancy, Petaluma, CA

“Wow, Maria!

What a difference 4 days with more water and no sugar makes! My mind was clearer & no shakiness. I didn’t have the bloated feeling either.

Just a side comment to tell you that I am feeling so steady, confident in a quiet way, and smooth. I have a feeling it is in large part thanks to you, Maria.”

JB, Corte Madera, CA

I was referred to Maria by a friend and worked with her on a 6 week resetting of my gut bacteria. We discovered several food sensitivities that I was not aware of and I learned quite a bit about my own digestive functioning. I had a pretty good grasp on my food intake and its digestive effects before, so I was genuinely surprised to discover additional food impacts working on a more subtle level. Maria has a genuine and patient personality that makes her easy to work with, and she was very responsive to any questions I had about any aspect of the program I was on. She does not work on a one-size-fits-all way, and worked to customize the program to my needs and to how my body was responding to the supplements. I would totally recommend her and work with her again in the future.
DK, Sacramento

“When I started working with Maria, I was skeptical about taking advice from any health professional.  I had a history of mysterious health problems and after a lifetime of doctors not getting to the root of them, I had turned to only trusting myself to fix them.  But I was humiliated that after years of doing my own health research and drastic lifestyle changes to heal myself, I really needed help.  I was embarrassed that I hadn’t figured it out on my own and defensive about all I had already tried.

But Maria was warm, understanding, compassionate, and respectful of the long journey I had already been on.  I felt safe to let my defenses down, and began to trust her wisdom and guidance.  It felt so amazing to not be going through this health struggle alone!  It feels like we’re a team of powerful women coming together to care for my body.

Since then, Maria has helped me discover the nutritional roots of my health issues.  I am recovering not just from the acute symptoms I had when I met her, but from chronic issues I’ve had for over 20 years.  I just wanted to get rid of the fatigue.  But now I am surprised to be 42 pounds lighter and my friends say I glow!  Because of Maria, I feel like I have a new body and a second chance at life.”

AB, Lawrence, KS

“Before I went to see Maria, I didn’t understand what ‘eating healthy’ really meant or how to make this a reality for me. I was constantly grabbing something on the go and having coffee for breakfast.

Maria laid out an easy plan for me and gave me recipes. She did blood and hair work to see what was going on inside my body. I was depleted of magnesium and my adrenals were not functioning anywhere near where they should.

We took one challenge at a time. I now know how to eat to be full, healthy and give my body what it needs. I don’t need an afternoon coffee to stay awake and I have so much more energy.  I lost weight and have a greater knowledge of choosing foods for myself.

I loved Maria’s gentle approach.  She is easy to work with and you get results!”

-SJ, Novato, CA

“Maria offers a unique service that extends beyond the realm of traditional nutritional guidance. She works with you and holds your hand every step of the way so that you know you have a partner as you begin to change your relationship with food and nutrition.

Maria’s compassion, knowledge and expertise helped me to explore and better understand my relationship with food. She respected my own habits and worked with me to find creative interventions to make the difficult changes given today’s busy realities. Maria balances kindness and caring with directness and nutritional education. She instinctively knows when to listen and when to offer her informational expertise.

She also doesn’t assume to have THE answer. I’ve been overwhelmed by the countless dietary books all with conflicting information. Maria gave me advice that was personally tailored to my own health and lifestyle patterns. She would do research between meetings to get a better sense of my own unique constitution.

If you are looking for a nutritional consultant who is empathic, knowledgeable and respects your own unique strengths and challenges, then I highly recommend Maria. Her nutritional consultations are much more than teaching you what to eat. They are a holistic exploration that can help you better understand your own patterns so that you will be in a better place to take control of your own health and wellness.”

DK, Oakland

“Even though I had been following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for over 6 years, I was experiencing lots of toxic smelling gas, bloating and discomfort.  My stools had become mushy, fluid and skinny like a pencil.  It was clearly not a healthy environment in my colon.  My hair had begun breaking off and thinning more than normal and my eyebrows were also thinning to a noticeable degree. I had dark purple circles under my eyes as well.

Now… I am free from gas and bloating and I have normal healthy size and textured stools, and sometimes even more than one per day (something I haven’t had in over 15 years). I have lots more energy and patience. My hair is growing again and even feels thicker and my eyebrows are also coming back.  One of the most noticeable outward changes for me was that the circles under my eyes lightened considerably and on some days they are nonexistent. I don’t have to wear makeup on them anymore if I don’t want.   My skin texture, elasticity and shine improved greatly too.

It is so strange to have people stop me and say, “Wow, you look great! Your skin looks beautiful!”  I don’t know what to say except “Thank you…it’s my nutritionist!”

Working with Maria has helped me slow down and remember myself. I now try to take time for self-care in everything I do.  I remember that I’m worth caring for just as much as those I love.  She has given me more confidence in my body and its capabilities and reminded me that if I treat it well it will continue to reward me.  I find myself feeling so proud of what my body can do and how it can heal when supported better. Since the gut healing, things have been going so well that I sometimes forget how sick I felt before. “

GS, Fairfax, CA

“At the age of 34, my husband and I began trying to start a family.  After 2 years with no success, I turned to acupuncture, ovulation charts and Clomid for help.  After 2 more unsuccessful years, we desperately turned to modern medical science for help.  After Clomid and artificial insemination did not work, we began the intensive IVF process.  5 years after we began the journey and 3 IVF cycles later, we finally were pregnant!  At age 39, I gave birth to 2 beautiful and healthy baby girls.  Almost 3 years after they were born, I started working with Maria.  She gave me foods to avoid and foods to try, gluten free recommendations to help my body break down nutrients better.  In the midst of trying to alleviate menstrual cramps and heavy periods, we did a detox program.  I diligently watched what I put into my body and followed the program she outlined.  And a surprising thing happened, at age 44, we got pregnant naturally.  We are currently awaiting the arrival of our son in early summer!   While we think it’s a miracle, Maria would gladly point out that eating healthier, more nutritionally packed foods — WHOLE foods, limited processed foods, and organic whenever possible — is really all my body needed. “

- LJ, Chicago, IL

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