Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 7.38.48 AMAs we get wrapped up in the spirit of the holidays and jump from one holiday party to another, it is easy to forget one thing…eating HEALTHY.  Here are a few healthful tips that will help you manage your plate …and your waistline.
1.     Eat before you head to the party. Unless you know the host/hostess is serving a full meal, it’s best not to take you chances.  The food table will likely be filled with appetizers and desserts.  If you go to the party satiated, you will snack less.
2.     Eat balanced meals.  It’s easier to eat balanced meals when it’s sit down, but if there is a buffet table, browse the selections and pick a few items. Remember you don’t have to try every dish on the table.   Pick one protein source, skip the pastas/breads and load up on veggies!
3.     Eat slow and savor each bite. The more aware you are of what you are eating, the more you will enjoy it and the less you will overdo it.
4.     Indulge just a little.  Go ahead and have one sweet but don’t overdue it.  If you overindulge one day, don’t stress.   It’s not the end of the world and does not mean you need to throw in the towel and eat with reckless abandon until January 1.   If, for health reasons, you need to avoid sugar, see tip #5 and be strategic.
5.     BYOD.  Bringing a dish to share is a great way to ensure that you will eat right.  This is especially true if you have a food allergy or health condition where you need to avoid things like gluten, milk, nuts or sweets. Can’t decide what to bring?  Check out my recent blog entries for delicious healthful holiday recipes – Cardamom Infused Coconut Whipped Cream with Sauteed Cinnamon Apples (Low-Glycemic) and a Kale Fennel and Orange Salad.

Wishing you health and happiness this holiday season and throughout the year!
Happy Holidays!!