IMG_5047I love reverse engineering recipes.  I had the Wiccan Brew Smoothie at the Good Earth in Fairfax, CA last week and fell in love.  It was so filling, satisfying and delicious — I had to make it at home!   Of course, I took liberties and changed a couple of the ingredients.  The original ingredients are Coconut milk, almond milk, Bananas, Flax seeds, and Spirulina.  Here’s my version…

Coconut, Almond, Chia & Spirulina Smoothie

Makes 4 cups  (or 2 16 oz. portions)

1 cup coconut milk

½ cup almonds (preferably, raw & soaked)

1 banana

2 tbsp chia seeds and/or 2 tbsp whey powder

1 heaping tbsp spirulina (you can start slow with maybe 1 tsp)

½ tbsp Greener Grasses by Life Force Nutritionals (optional)

3 cups filtered water, as needed

Pour the coconut milk, almonds, chia seeds and spirulina in a blender.  Add in 2 cups of water.  Blend until smooth.  Top off with whatever amount of water you need to get to 4 cups.  Blend.  Enjoy!

This would be an excellent breakfast smoothie. There’s plenty of good fats and protein to get you going for the day, including the sometimes-elusive omega 3.  Omega 3 fatty acids are crucial for hormone balance.  They keep your estrogens, progesterone and androgens in check, your mood happy and your immune system strong.

If you’d like more breakfast ideas, join my 5-Day Breakfast Challenge.  It’s free and you can start anytime.