Well, I did it! I ran 13.1 miles on Sunday. Yay!

I can’t say with honestly that I felt like I rocked it the moment I crossed the finish line because I gotta tell you IT WAS NOT easy.

BUT I did it!

I crossed the finish line at my training pace and, this week, I stuck to my routine of running on Tuesdays (albeit it was a gentle walk/run).

I not only met my short-term goal (finishing the half-marathon) but am well on my way to meeting my long-term goal as well.


To get into a routine that was sustainable & keeps me running after the race.

SO now 4 days later, I am feeling pretty happy with myself and, yeah, like I sort of rocked it!

You’ll remember in my last post I wrote about the key underlying goals to get long-lasting transformation.

These are

to train yourself to be more consistent …

to put yourself first and get past the mental block that other things are more important; and

to get your family on board to support you.

If you missed last week’s post, you can read it here.

But you can’t even start to think about these without fully understanding your long-term goal and your motivation.

WHAT is your long-term health goal? And more importantly, what is your WHY?

It’s important to know and understand this because without it, you will have no real drive, motivation or even desire to make things happen.

You have to dig deep to find the real reason.

Stating that you want to be healthier, eat healthier, or even run, go to the gym or get in shape — are all so vague and not personal. There is no real determination in those statements.

If there was, we would all be doing it — with ease.

The reality is that it is hard. Really hard. To stay on track.

And so the secret to getting more motivated so you can get the results you want is to dig deep and ask why do I want to be healthier, eat healthier, run, go to gym, or get in shape.  In other words, what would having that do for you?

When I ask clients this question, they usually start with what they don’t want…like ‘I don’t want to be bloated; I don’t want to feel anxious or depressed; I don’t want night sweats or hot flashes; I don’t want to feel exhausted all day’.

And when I ask to state  this in terms of what they want they almost immediately say ‘I want more energy’. And that’s great.

But then, we dig deeper into why? What would having more energy DO FOR YOU?

Would it mean finishing the project you started a year ago? Would it mean being able to spend more quality time with your kids? Would it mean having a better, fulfilling social life? Would it mean having a better relationship with your spouse/partner? Would it be a better sex life?

Ask yourself how does having more energy, getting restful sleep, not having hot flashes, affect the important areas of my life? How would if affect my relationships? How would it affect my job? My financial situation? Be specific.  Make it personal.

Answer these and you’ll have real motivation.

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