Breakfast can be tricky.  If you are eating the wrong breakfast, you may not fully understand the importance of it because you are not fully reaping the benefits. And that’s too bad.  You probably skip it because it is woefully inconvenient.

Finding the right breakfast as you will read below will make a world of difference.

I had lunch with an old friend the other day.  She was dying to tell me about her recent epiphany. She knew I would LOVE it because it was about my favorite meal of the day – breakfast.

Her epiphany did make me smile and I think you’ll relate to it so I’m sharing it with you.

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Here’s her story.


She always ate breakfast but it never felt great.  She ate cereal – the ‘healthy’ brands, of course.  And while the cereal made her stomach feel full, that was about it… she never really felt satisfied.  She was always looking for something more to eat to get the feeling of being satiated.

She got hungry pretty quickly in the mornings.  When lunchtime rolled around, she was starving and would eat a carb-loaded lunch and then still need something sweet to top it off.

She never really gave much thought to her breakfast or how it made her feel.

The Turning Point…

In November, she had family in town for a weekend and ‘ate non-stop for the whole weekend’. As you do when family comes in! She got on the scale on Monday and found she had gained a few pounds.

Normally not a big deal, the pounds usually melt away when she gets back to her regular eating routine. Not this time.

This time it stuck.

She blamed it on age (mid-40’s) and a slowing metabolism. Sound familiar?

She talked to a mutual friend about needing to do something to kickstart her metabolism and her friend reminded her that I’m always talking about the importance of eating a well-balanced breakfast with proteins and fats in the morning and suggested she give it a try.  (Her friend, by the way, is a graduate of last year’s Breakfast Challenge & Spring Fling Wellness Bootcamp.)

This was an a-ha moment for her because for a while she had been noticing that her body felt better when she ate protein.


She gave it a try. Instead of her usual cereal, she started experimenting with an egg, feta and spinach scramble in the morning. She was blown away with the results.

Her “whole day changed because she ate a solid balanced breakfast in the morning”. (Those were her exact words.)

On the first day, she felt satiated – not just stomach full but whole-body-nourished full. The munchies disappeared. She made healthier choices at lunch and was not tempted to fill up with bread and cookies. Her snacks changes. She felt as happy with a handful of salted almonds as she did with a handful of chocolate covered almonds. And she had more energy to work harder during her workouts.

She lost the extra pounds pretty easily soon after.  Although, she said that she was feeling so good that EVEN IF she hadn’t lost the weight she would’ve been completely happy.

She continues to be amazed at how consistently good she feels and is now a HUGE advocate of a well-balanced breakfast.

I LOVE hearing stories like this!

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