Thursday was my son’s last day of school. He was in Transitional Kindergarten this year. And I feel like this is the beginning of something I’ve been waiting and wanting for a long time — the feeling of a real summer vacation.

This year is the first year that summer marks a real change in schedule and routine for us.

Ever since I graduated from college, my anticipation for summer vacation has never gone away. I would look forward to summer…and then be sorely disappointed when, about mid-June, it sunk in that I wasn’t getting 2-3 months off from work for a summer vacation. I haven’t been able to let go of this expectation and desire for summer.

It stems from a romantic notion that summer marks the beginning of change and is a time for big transformations. You come back in the fall refreshed, with stories and transformed into a version of you you didn’t know was there. Ok, yeah, this was probably influenced by the movie GREASE.

During the summer, you have two to three months where you are not tied to the same daily routines.  You can sleep in and stay up late. You don’t even see the same people you see during the school year. Families go away. Extended families come visit. You focus on fewer things.

That leaves room for changes.

As a kid, it’s easy to do this.  There are summer camps set up to master new skills like swimming, biking, soccer, knowledge of nature, etc…And we see big transformations in kids.  I’m sure you’ve spent the last 2 months planning some amazing camps for yours.

Now…what about you? As you look in the mirror, what change do you want to see? What big transformation do you want? 

Why not plan a special summer camp for yourself to get you what YOU want?

If you are looking to eat better, shed a few pounds, and gain more energy to keep up with your kids or have a romantic evening with your honey, I have the perfect one for you.

Summer love logo

Summer Love is a 4-week summer wellness bootcamp for women. And we will focus on cleaning your diet and your environment so that you look and feel amazing!

You’ll also get a chance to connect with your body, create community with other women and nurture yourself in ways that you’ve been waiting for and wanting for a long time.

Join me for this mini-retreat, women’s circle & detox wrapped in one.

For more details, Summer Love click here. It starts July 9.