healthy eating for busy moms –

online cooking class

whip up nutritious meals in no time!

Are you overwhelmed trying to feed your family while we shelter-in-place?  Tired of the monotony of your recipes and cooking alone?


 I’ve got you covered!

Join me for this virtual cooking class and grow your quick & healthy cooking skills with me — functional nutritionist  and natural chef.


Cook online with liked minded women and get individualized help. We will prepare up a full meal together as a community that you can serve that night to your family.  


I provide the recipes, the list of ingredients and utensils/appliances you need. 

Don’t worry the ingredients will be common things you probably already have in your kitchen or that are readily available. If you don’t have them, you can email me for substitution suggestions.


All you need to do is show up ready to cook on Tuesdays at 5:30pm PDT.   The class will be about 1 – 1.5 hours, depending on the dish we prepare.

Be one of 8 cooks to unlock the secrets of how to create healthy meals while we shelter-in-place.

Schedule of Classes:

*Contact me about vegan/vegetarian options.

May 19:  Seed-crusted Fish with Kale Salad

Ingredients needed:  white fish (like cod), pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds or both, kale, red pepper, red onion, lime, olive or avocado oil

Equipment: small mixing bowl, baking dish, large bowl, measuring cups/spoons, large skillet, small skillet

Jun 2:  Quinoa Salad with Kale, Almonds and Olives

Ingredients needed:  quinoa (or lentils), almonds, scallions, kale, olives, cumin garlic, olive oil

Equipment: small mixing bowl, large bowl, measuring cups/spoons, small/medium pot, small skillet,

Jun 9:  Cilantro Turkey Burger

Ingredients needed:  ground turkey, scallions, tamari (soy sauce), ginger, garlic, cilantro, sesame oil, mayo, mustard, pea shoots or sprouts, cucumber, buns (optiona), butter or red leaf lettuce

Equipment: small mixing bowl, large bowl, measuring cups/spoons,  large skillet,

Jun 16:  Falafel with Lemon Tahini

Ingredients needed:  garbanzo beans, sunflower seeds, garlic, cilantro or parsley, tahini, lemon, olive oil, cumin, curry, avocado, mixed baby greens

Equipment: small mixing bowl, large bowl, measuring cups/spoons,  large skillet or baking tray

 Healthy Eating for Busy Moms includes:

  • A planned meal so you don’t have to stress every day about what’s for dinner.
  • A list of ingredients and utensils – everything you need to make these delicious meals.
  • 1-2 recipes for an organic meal that you prepare to serve to your family.  (Vegan recipe options available)
  • Cooking tips as well as nutritional information about the meal and why it is nourishing for us now. 


  • Wine recommendation from Jillie’s Wine Bar & Shop so you can support a San Anselmo local business.  



I look forward to sharing my secrets with you!

“I thought the range of recipes and learning was perfect.  Maria knows her stuff.  Very supportive and fun environment!  Will be back for more.  I loved the balance of nutritional facts and info and ‘cooking’.”
Deirdre, San Anselmo, CA


“I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this to a friend!  Loved it!”
Melissa, San Rafael, CA

“So much fun!  The meals were very flavorful.  And healthy.”
Rachel, Fairfax, CA

“I would recommend this to a friend! Loved the class.  Loved the nutritional information and new recipes.”

“ So much fun to cook and eat with people from our community”

“I really enjoyed the Delish Meals class, thank you!  The class was informative, inspiring, and fun.  I liked the focus on simplicity and good nutrition.  I really appreciated learning the onion cutting techniques and have enjoyed using them as well as some of the other good tips you taught us. “

“Before I attended this event, I had a real hard time with menu planning and getting groceries at once. It’s hard b/c I just can’t get everything done, but I feel newly inspired.

And now I am going to trying harder to do meal planning and easier meals (I often try pretty complicated things and after hours of cooking it sucks and I feel deflated)I highly recommend Maria’s class.  It’s a re-connection with cooking and nutrition for busy people.”