kids’ online cooking classes

cooking is a life skill

Looking for something fun and educational do to while school is out?


I’ve taken parts of an after-school enrichment class I teach regularly and brought it online.  The class will help to alleviate your child’s boredom, give them  something productive to do, help them eat healthy and hopefully help you by taking some snack and meal planning/preparing off your plate. 


Cooking gives kids exposure to new foods and provides practical experience with many essential skills such as reading, following directions, and measuring and even early concepts of math and science.  


We will be making sweet and savory snacks using a food processor, oven and stove top.  Some knife use may be involved.


I will be in my kitchen and your kids in yours.  We will be connected visually through Zoom. I will have three age ranges:


Pre-K – Grade 3:   Parent or older sibling (5th grade or older) participation required.

Grade 4 – Grade 8:  Kids should be able to work on their own.  

You can decide where you child fits best. I will be making healthy snacks with the younger kids and dinner with the older kids.  If you have more than one child and they plan to attend the same class, you only need to register once for the family.  


I am also offering private classes if you want to get a group of friends together to take a class (we can pick menu and day/time when you register).




Schedule of Classes

Can be applied to any service or product.

Can be applied to any service or product.

Can be applied to any service or product.

Can be applied to any service or product.

4-class Pass

Register for 4 classes and get 10% off. 

Private Cooking Class

Time and Date to be arranged via email

Get a group of friends together for a private cooking class. 

“I thought the range of recipes and learning was perfect.  Maria knows her stuff.  Very supportive and fun environment!  Will be back for more.  I loved the balance of nutritional facts and info and ‘cooking’.”
Deirdre, San Anselmo, CA


“I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this to a friend!  Loved it!”
Melissa, San Rafael, CA

“So much fun!  The meals were very flavorful.  And healthy.”
Rachel, Fairfax, CA

“I would recommend this to a friend! Loved the class.  Loved the nutritional information and new recipes.”

“ So much fun to cook and eat with people from our community”

“I really enjoyed the Delish Meals class, thank you!  The class was informative, inspiring, and fun.  I liked the focus on simplicity and good nutrition.  I really appreciated learning the onion cutting techniques and have enjoyed using them as well as some of the other good tips you taught us. “

“Before I attended this event, I had a real hard time with menu planning and getting groceries at once. It’s hard b/c I just can’t get everything done, but I feel newly inspired. And now I am going to trying harder to do meal planning and easier meals (I often try pretty complicated things and after hours of cooking it sucks and I feel deflated)I highly recommend Maria’s class.  It’s a re-connection with cooking and nutrition for busy people.”