optimize your fertility

Whether you are just starting your fertility journey or

you have been trying for a while, 

nutrition is key for successful conception.

 Fibroids, PCOS and endometriosis, unexplained fertility and even stress

can make conception difficult.

I create the personalized program you need to help you get pregnant with ease.


There are a variety of elements that can make your personalized nutritional journey unique like: 



nutrient deficiencies


thyroid health


adrenal health 


gut health




blood sugar management  


stress management.




Want to learn more?



Set up a complimentary 15-20 min appointment and let’s 

chat about the best program for you. 



I work closely with Bee Uytiepo, Mercier Therapist and Alignment Healer.  If you want more information about Mercier Therapy, click here.  Bee and I combine nutrition and Mercier Therapy for many fertility clients.  

Before I went to see Maria, I was still dealing with on and off joint pain and inflammation, occasional headaches and a sensitive tummy. I had also been trying to conceive for over two years after an early (5 week) miscarriage. Maria looked at my complete medical history from birth to present to pinpoint my issues. She was able to figure out what was wrong with me after years of searching. Now my tummy is pretty much settled, I’ve maybe had two headaches in the last year, my joint pain and inflammation rarely flare up, and when it does,​ it’s mild and doesn’t alter my day. Now, I’m a new mom to a healthy baby boy. 🙂

I wholeheartedly believe​ in functional nutrition. Nutrition shouldn’t be about weight loss/gain; it should be about the whole body and whole person. Treating each person’s needs is what it takes to get down to the root of the problem. I think everyone should start with functional nutrition to address health concerns.​

Maria is kind, loving and an all around genuine person with one goal in mind, for you to live your healthiest life. 🙂.”

Denise, Sacramento, CA

Maria was a pleasure to work with from the start and was a critical support for me, especially in the early weeks of my pregnancy. Maria provided me with a wealth of nutritional knowledge I wouldn’t have had otherwise and made me feel supported at every stage of my journey. I would recommend working with Maria for anyone who is looking to improve their health using whole, nutritious, and delicious foods.”

Nahal, San Francisco, CA

 Foods to Eat & Foods to Avoid for Fertility

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