cooking classes

cooking is an important step to healing

You’ve said it before…”I’m gonna start eating healthy.”

You do great for a week or two and then quickly slip back to your usual routine. What you really need to do is decide to COOK more to eat healthy…

You need community, accountability and inspiration to get started and keep going

Join me and learn to make simple, delicious & healthy meals for you and your family.  We’ll make seasonal, organic meals that maximize the health benefits of food and minimize your time in the kitchen.  You’ll leave each class excited about being in the kitchen and eating healthy.  We will prepare about 5-6 dishes and then sit down to enjoy it together.

All meals are gluten-, dairy- and refined sugar free!  And I promise you won’t miss a thing!

Group Cooking Classes

Whip up nutritious meals in no time!

A fun group cooking experience for overwhelmed parents wanting to serve their family nutritious meals

Tuesdays at 5:30pm

Cooking is a Life Skill

Kids learn how to make healthy snacks. We will be making sweet and savory snacks using a food processor, blender and oven.


TKK – Grade 3 at 1pm

Gr 4 – Gr 8 at 2pm

Optimize Your Hormones with Nourishing Meals

This class will help you optimize hormones to boost your energy and your mood while helping you lose the extra weight. 

Next Class TBA

Stressed out over what to eat ?

Dealing with digestive issues like IBS, SIBO or ‘leaky gut’ is no fun.  It’s hard to know what’s good or bad.  Join me and I’ll give you tips on how you can be your own detective, what the common healing diets are and  how to make delicious meals within the constraints of these healing diets.  This class is little longer than usual so we can cover all the topics.  All meals are gluten, dairy, refined sugar and garlic/onion free (- but I have a trick for this!)

You’ll get a nourished belly, written recipes, and handouts on gut healing.


Next class TBA

Private Cooking Classes for up to 12 (Marin County Only)

3.5-hour hands-on or demo-style cooking class in your kitchen.

I bring all the ingredients needed to make a delicious meal to prepare & enjoy together.  

You will learn knife and other kitchen skills as well as nutrition tips to make easy and delicious meals. You will get written copies of the recipes. 

This is fun for a birthday party, baby shower or reunions.

Set up an appointment and we can chat about the details and see if it is a good fit for you.


“I thought the range of recipes and learning was perfect.  Maria knows her stuff.  Very supportive and fun environment!  Will be back for more.  I loved the balance of nutritional facts and info and ‘cooking’.”
Deirdre, San Anselmo, CA


“I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this to a friend!  Loved it!”
Melissa, San Rafael, CA

“So much fun!  The meals were very flavorful.  And healthy.”
Rachel, Fairfax, CA

“I would recommend this to a friend! Loved the class.  Loved the nutritional information and new recipes.”

“ So much fun to cook and eat with people from our community”

“I really enjoyed the Delish Meals class, thank you!  The class was informative, inspiring, and fun.  I liked the focus on simplicity and good nutrition.  I really appreciated learning the onion cutting techniques and have enjoyed using them as well as some of the other good tips you taught us. “

“Before I attended this event, I had a real hard time with menu planning and getting groceries at once. It’s hard b/c I just can’t get everything done, but I feel newly inspired.

And now I am going to trying harder to do meal planning and easier meals (I often try pretty complicated things and after hours of cooking it sucks and I feel deflated)I highly recommend Maria’s class.  It’s a re-connection with cooking and nutrition for busy people.”