Back to Basics

a 10-day mini lifestyle ‘detox’ to help you get on track

Because life gets crazy…

When that big project, the family calendar, volunteering or just everyday responsibilities take over your life, basic things like taking care and making time for yourself get pushed aside.

And now you are really feeling it. 

It’s time to pause and refocus your priorities. 

I created the Back to Basics Mini-Course as a way for you to make small changes in your daily routine that will have a big impact so you can start to feel better and

be more productive.

I’m Maria and I know, from my personal experience, how important getting back to basics is. 

At the height of my health issues, I tried a lot of things.  I gave up a lot of different foods. I added healthful foods. I tried going vegetarian and vegan. But nothing seemed to be making a difference.

I was missing some very basic steps in my quest to ‘get healthy’.

If you are like me, sometimes you can be impatient and think you can skip steps or do it all at once. Then, you realize you are really getting nowhere.

​What I needed to do was to take a step back and start at the beginning and set a solid foundation.

Back To Basics is the first step you need to feel your best.  

Back to Basics is your private retreat. It’s a chance to reprogram your mindset, take a breath and refocus on you.

The good news is that developing a foundation for healthy habits is not rocket science. 

The bad news is that you may still think you don’t have time for it.  

Don’t worry, I made it easy for you!

I help you develop a solid foundation by helping you develop 5 pillars in the 5 main areas of your life:





& relationships.

Back to Basics is a self-guided 10 day course.

Your investment is $47.

“I never knew that so many things within my control could have that huge an effect on my body. “

Maria S.

“This is all doable and feels wonderful that we can deeply influence our balance in simple ways!”


You will be invited to make small changes in your daily routines, guided to make better choices,

and encouraged to journal how you feel. ​

We focus your current patterns and mental blocks and suggest ways to establish a routine that serves your better.  

You will have 2 days to focus on each area and then build upon it throughout the course and beyond.

You can repeat the 10-day course when you feel the need to get back on track. Just email me and we can start the email sequence again. ​

In the end, you’ll develop a foundation for healthy living that makes you feel like you are in control.  And suddenly, the results of your efforts will be magnified.

Small Changes.  Big Impact.

The Back to Basics Mini Course includes…

*A 10-day journal that includes questions about your daily routine and your current attitudes about making changes and gives you small action steps to take and commit to over the next two days.

*Ten 5-10 minute educational audio recordings with information on why and how these 5 habits are crucial for you to feel good.

*A quick reference handout summarizing the 5 areas and quick action steps for each and PDF with transcripts of the recordings.

*Ten daily emails to help you stay on course.


Put You first and feel in control.

Get Back to Basics today!

Your investment is $47.

“This was awesome, Maria.  I had a pretty good idea of the 5 habits.   I experienced an A-Ha moment at the end when realizing how these 5 habits play a role in our bodies. And now I am going to make a true effort to be more consistent integrating each of these into my life – not just the 3 that are pretty consistent.”