Fall is here!  It’s time to take advantage of the fruits and vegetables of the fall season.  Seasonal eating provides us with the nutrients we need at the time we need them. 

As we enter into Fall, we enter a cold and dark period of the year.  You want to balance that with warming and grounding foods. That means eating more cooked foods, warming spices and lots of soups & stews. 

I’m excited to incorporate these fall foods into my fall Peri- & Post- Menopause Detox that will take place the week after Thanksgiving — November 30 through December 4. It’s sandwiched in between Thanksgiving and Christmas to help you stay on track without the indigestion and the average ten-pound weight gain that comes with the festive period. You’ll start the New Year ahead of the crowd.  

Seasonal eating opens up the opportunity for you to try new foods and get different nutrients into your diet.

Here are my top 5 hormone balancing foods for fall and how they will help you keep your perimenopause and menopause symptoms in check.

Winter squash 

Winter squash’s high vitamin and mineral content make it a no brainer for perimenopause.  Beta-carotene which converts to Vitamin A gives it its distinctive orange color.  Vitamin A is an antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation and makes your skin look beautiful.  Winter squash also has high amounts of potassium, calcium, manganese, and zinc that are supportive of bone health.  And its high fiber content helps with menopause constipation caused by changes in hormone levels.


Sage has high amounts of phytoestrogens, plant-based estrogen that mimic the estrogen in our body.  These phytoestrogens help reduce symptoms like night sweats, hot flashes, and mood swings.  Sage also has high antioxidant properties to help with brain and memory function — goodbye brain fog!  Its high Vitamin K levels also support bone health. 


Cinnamon is a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.  Inflammation is at the root of most hormone imbalances so adding cinnamon can help reduce symptoms like hot flashes. Cinnamon also helps regulate blood sugar and positively impacts sleep, energy levels, weight loss, and brain function.


Pomegranates are usually associated with fertility but they are good for women at every stage, particularly in peri-menopause.  Pomegranates boost mood, strengthen bones, and protect against breast cancer.


Persimmons are an anti-inflammatory food with high fiber and lots of minerals.  Its high fiber content makes it great for reducing constipation that often worsens with perimenopause.  Persimmons also have high iron levels that help your body build blood.  Iron can help alleviate heavy cycles. 

The best place to find these fruits and vegetables is at your local farmer’s market. If you don’t have a farmer’s market near you, you can find them at the grocery store.  The more you take advantage of seasonal foods, the more your body will thank you for giving it the nutrients of the season.

Join me in my Peri- & Post- Menopause Detox to take advantage of these fall foods.  I have a great selection of delicious recipes for you to choose from. You can learn more and register for it here.

We start on Monday, November 30 — the week after Thanksgiving!  

I hope you’ll join me.