This shelter-in-place is really testing the resolve of many.  But it so important for us to keep true to it.  AND it is also important for us not to be alone.  

My next tip for you is to stay connected to your community to help reduce stress.

Stress depletes us of oxytocin, one of our primary hormones that helps stay resilient. One of the ways to replenish oxytocin is by talking to and gathering with friends.  We can do this and maintain the shelter-in-place mandate.

It’s important to stay connected with family & friends and have community…virtually. 

I am staying connected to family and friends via email, phone and Facetime.  The days are going by fast and I am still figuring out how to do this even more.

My son is staying connected with friends and classmates via Zoom and Facetime.  It’s fun to see how quickly they’ve adapted to this form of play.  They are sometimes on a video game together but sometimes they are playing independently but together.

I also have supportive small business and nutrition communities so I know I am not alone.  I meet with a a small group (three of us) biweekly and it has been so helpful to receive their support and encouragement to keep working. This has helped me stay calm and also been a great sounding board for ideas.

I recommend you find your communities as well.  

Stay connected!