I wanted to share another tip on what I’m doing to adapt to the stress and uncertainty we are facing with the coronavirus.  This tip is focused on calming your nervous system.

Stress can really deplete your body of vitamins and minerals and weaken your immune system.

One thing I started to do is read the news less.  The news is overwhelming so now I try to only check in the morning and once in the evening.  I have found that that has helped calm me.

I am meditating more religiously than ever.  I’ve been doing 10-20 minutes every morning with Oprah and Deepak.  They have a 21-day mediation experience Finding Hope in Uncertain Times.  I’ve also been doing an afternoon meditation with my friend Bee.  She is leading a weekly mediation on Mondays at 1pm.  Click here for more info. There are many resources out there but these are my favorite.

I practice deep breathing, especially before eating so I’m not so stressed when I eat.  It helps with digestion which is critical so we can actually use the nutrients in our food.

Lastly, I remind myself that this is only temporary and while there may be more permanent shifts, we don’t know what those will be. I keep an open and positive attitude that those changes will be good for us.

Be mindful and practice social distancing!  Be safe!!