A quick note to remind you that today is the final day to get the early bird pricing on my upcoming Peri-Menopause Detox (we start Monday!) and a little story on going gluten free.

Over the holidays, I was in Chicago and met up with one of my very best friends.  In the exchange of what’s new, she told me that she went gluten free in 2019.  My jaw dropped.  It’s not that she doesn’t believe in going gluten free.  It’s just that she never believed it was something that she needed.

Her partner has some digestive issues so he is gluten free and with most of their kids away now in college, the amount of gluten products in the house declined significantly.  Because of this, she had been (unknowingly) slowly reducing her gluten intake. 

She started to notice that on certain days she felt great and on others she was bloated and tired.  What was going on? 

She started to wonder if she was doing something different on those days.  So she started analyzing her days.  What she noticed was that it seemed to happen on the days she went out to eat and had a sandwich or pasta.  She experimented a bit to see if that was it and it seemed to be it.  So she took gluten out of her diet.  

New Year’s Day sealed the deal. 

They have an annual New Year’s Day party and the usual faire for this party includes bagels and pasta salads and she wasn’t ready to change it all.  She splurged and ate a lot of gluten on New Year’s Day.  She said, by the end of the day, she felt like a truck hit her and she was crawling to bed.

Gluten is one of the most common inflammatory foods.  It affects each of us in different ways.  For me, it wrecks havoc on my cycle. For her, it causes bloating and fatigue.  For you, it could be causing you to gain weight, have pain (suffer from anything that ends -itis?), digestive discomfort, or even hot flashes and night sweats.

Here’s your chance to take a look at what taking out the 3 top inflammatory foods can do for you. 

Join me for the Peri-menopause Detox – we start Monday! 

We remove gluten, dairy and refined sugar and replace them with whole grains, vegetables, fruit and healthy proteins.  We eat healthy balanced meals and even eat healthy treats and snacks. Follow my recipes and guidelines and you won’t even have to think about it.

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