Can I confess my guilty pleasure this holiday season?  

You know those Candy Cane Jo-Jo’s at Trader Joe’s?  Yeah, I ate them. They are only available once a year and so I splurged.  At least, they were gluten free.   :).   And while in Chicago, I couldn’t say no to the Frango Mints on the counter.  I can’t get those in Fairfax!

Do you have a similar story?  

Around holidays, even the best of us loosen our standards.  Sometimes, we can keep it under control.  Sometimes, we can’t.  And sometimes, we need to commit to eating better to get back on track.

Well, I’ve got just the thing to help you. 

I’m excited to announce I am running my Peri-Menopause Detox 5-day Hormone Reset again at the end of the month!  It will run from January 27 – 31 and I’d love for you to join me. 

The detox is a great way to reset your eating habits so you eat clean, balanced meals (once again).  It’s amazing how simply changing your diet, even for 5 days, can make a difference.  You’re digestion will improve, you’ll lose weight, and your peri-menopausal symptoms will melt away.

“It’s been a great week and I too, am feeling much better, flatter tummy, more digested and less bloated. I am down about 3-4 lbs and back to the place where I can usually maintain.”   


I’ve added a group meditation practice to the detox.  We will be lead by my dear friend Bee Uytiepo. Bee has been teaching meditation for over 20 years.  She is a highly trained bodyworker specializing in visceral therapy (digestive organ massage), Certified Mercier Therapist (fertility & pelvic health), Certified Forgiveness Coach and creatress of The Let Go Sessions.   She is amazing! 

Bee will also be offering a discounted rate for a detox massage ($20 off first session or 20% off package of 6 sessions) during the detox. 

Massage not only relieves stress but also helps your lymphatic system release toxins. Bee and I will also be leading a Peri-Menopause Circle on Wednesday, February 5th at Three Trees Marin in San Anselmo.  (More on that later!) If you join the detox, you can attend for free!  

Community is important when you go through peri-menopause so you know that you are not alone with your symptoms.  There is comfort in knowing others are going through similar issues and importantly, that some that have found relief. 

Doing the detox is your first step to finding relief and finding community.

If you are ready to lose some weight, sleep better, have more energy and feel better overall, then join me for this detox! 

We start Monday, January 27th and end Friday, January 31st.  If you are a YES!, you can register here.

If want to learn more, you can get a full description by clicking here.

I hope you join me and this community of women.