Happy New Year!

I hope you are excited about the New Year and all the possibility it holds for you.

One of my goals is to stay active by running and taking a kickboxing class.  What about you?  Have you set a New Year Resolution yet?

As you think about your health goals specifically, I’d love to share some action steps you can take to get better sleep, eat healthy food and, of course, get the solutions you need. 

1-  Get Better Sleep
The topic of sleep is fresh on my mind after being off for the holidays. 

We visited family in Chicago for New Year’s.  The kids had the goal to stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve.  They said they  needed ‘to train’ so they stayed up late for the two nights prior.  And as you can imagine, they had no problem staying up ’til midnight on New Year’s Eve. In fact, they stayed up way past midnight!  They slept in most of New Year’s Day and had the luxury of sleeping in late all week as they gradually got back to their regular bedtime – with a little help from us parents! For my son, it was easy. We had a 6AM flight on the 5th and a two hour time change to kick his body clock back to ‘normal’.  By nighttime on the 5th, he was begging for bed and was fast asleep by 8:15/30pm with no problems.

Ahhhh, to be young again.  

It’s not so easy for us.  We have other goals (beyond the excitement of staying up), obligations or habits that have us stay up past midnight.  And we don’t always have the luxury of sleeping in and gradually adjusting back to a better sleep habits. 

The Back to Basics – Mini-Lifestyle Reset  tackles this head on.  It’s a 10 day mini-course designed to help you adjust routines and habits around the 5 pillars of good health:  sleep, nutrition, stress, exercise and relationships. It’s not a huge commitment for time or money so it’s a perfect way to ease into the New Year and your goals.  Check it out. 

2- Eat Healthy Food
The New Year is a great opportunity to press reset on your eating habits that may have gone astray during the holidays.  A detox is great to do at least annually to give your body a break from additional toxins and help your body release stored toxins that can be causing havoc on your hormone balance. 

I am running my Peri-Menopause Detox the week on Feb 4 and Feb 11.  It’s 5 days long and includes tips on how to get rid of hot flashes and foods for perimenopause with a bonus webinar on peri-menopause included. The healthy balanced meals can be woven into your regular routine after it’s over. And the bonus is, you’ll be feeling and looking great for Valentine’s Day!    Save the dates or register now. 

3-  Focus on your individual needs.
Let’s face it.  Popular health diets or general health advice don’t work for everyone.  Maybe you’ve tried everything you’ve read and still can’t sleep.  Maybe you are confused about what you should or should not eat because even healthy food makes you feel terrible.  Then, you what you really need is private, tailored, specific advice to help you make sense of your symptoms and reactions. 

Sign up for a 15-minute free session with me and we will chat about the best one-on-one consulting solution for you.  You can email me by replying to this email or book a 15-minute free appointment online.  (My rates are going up this year, starting in Feb.  Book an appointment this month to lock-in last year’s rates.)

I just ordered a new pair of running shoes and kickboxing gloves to move me toward my goal.  What action step are you taking toward yours?  Let me know in the comments.

Happy New Year!