Spring is coming – I’m excited.  My focus this spring isn’t on ‘cleaning’ per se but on setting robust routines.

I’m happy to announce my 5-day Detox for the spring that will run March 27-31 and will help you set up robust routines around food and eating. (Missed Spring – the Summer Detox is Jul 17-21)  Join me here!

I’ll be honest with you.  I can’t say that I have always been a fan of routines (I’m a Sagittarius). BUT I am finding in my research, in my practice and in my life that routines not only make life easier but also make us healthier.

I recently listened to an interview with two highly respected holistic practitioners Andrea Nakayama and Philip Weeks and it’s there that I got my a-ha moment. Sure healthy routines make us healthier but what really hit home for me is that routines in general make us more robust and resilient.  I never really thought of it that way.

Let’s dissect this a little and look at 3 ways routines make you healthier.

Routines support your body clock and functions of the body.

Your body likes routines and expects them.

Like most plants and animals, your body follows certain circadian rhythms based on a 24-hour clock.  That is to say, biologically, the body is set to make things happen at certain times of the day. This would correspond with what we would generally consider “healthy routines” like eating regular, well-balanced meals and going to bed at the same time every night. When we are out of sync with what the body expects, we begin to see problems.

For example, your body regulates eating and sleeping by secreting certain hormones at specific times during the day.

Melatonin is produced at night and is very sensitive to lightness and darkness. Establishing a healthy nighttime routine that reinforces this by keeping your room completely dark will keep your body clock in check and help you sleep better.

Cortisol also has a circadian rhythm where it is highest in the morning and tappers down to its low level at night. Eating at certain times of the day will help support this natural cortisol cycle. Skipping meals will throw this cycle out of whack and you will start to develop problems with blood sugar, sleep, and weight.

Routines take away uncertainty and help you feel in control.

Life is crazy and sometimes overwhelming.

The uncertainty and the sheer volume of things to do can make you feel like you don’t have control over anything. It can feel like a relief to have a routine in place.

Having a schedule or set routine takes away part of the uncertainty. In the same way that routines work great to help children with transitions, it helps you too. The key is to stick to your plan. Setting the schedule can help keep us stay centered and focused. It helps you prioritize and set boundaries. It allows you to see when you have to say no. Routines help you be prepared.

For example, if your new routine is that you prepare your breakfast the night before, then it doesn’t matter what happens in the morning – your kid throws a tantrum, you accidently sleep in – your breakfast is ready and all you have to do is grab it out of the fridge.

Routines help you get things done.

Routines make life easier because once they are set you don’t have to think about it.

You just DO it. The more practice you have with a certain routine, the easier it becomes. Eventually, the doing becomes second nature and the end result is that you get more done with less effort.

Keeping with the breakfast example (my subliminal message for you to EAT BREAKFAST).  I know that sometimes the mere thought of getting a blender and the ingredients out seems overwhelming. You can waste so much energy thinking about how much work it will be to get things out and put things away. If it is part of your routine, you know that after dinner, you will make your breakfast smoothie.  You’ll soon realize that it only takes an extra 5 -10 minutes…even less after you’ve done it a few times.  And it’s done.

All of these reduce your stress.  With less stress, you are healthier.  When you are healthier, you are more robust and more resilient to whatever comes your way. Plain and simple.

With that in mind, spring is a great time to reset routines.  Your eating routine could be one of the most important routines to set & follow.  Join me March 27 for my 5-day detox to reset your system so you become more resilient.

You will enjoy delicious well-balanced meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I give you a bunch of simple, healthy recipes and a suggested meal plan.  You can adapt it to your taste and schedule.  At the end of the 5 days, you’ll feel great and will be one week into your new healthy routine.

Take advantage of the early bird pricing until Wednesday, March 22.  Click here to register.

I hope you’ll join me!