Happy New Year!

I hope that your holiday season was filled with joy, family, friends and good food.  I took a much needed break from writing and am back with some exciting topics for the New Year I think you’ll find useful.

But first things first, let’s talk about you and your health goals or New Year’s Resolutions for 2017.  Be they big or small, let’s outline some healthy habits to help you reach them.  These will bring you one step closer to realizing more energy, clarity and productivity this year.

  1. Drink more hydrating fluids. Sounds so easy but reality can be tricky.  The first thing to do is know what the best hydrating fluids are – simple filtered water, herbal tea, bone broth and coconut water are great choices.  Drink these instead of sugary drinks like soda/pop, fruit juices and Gatorade.  If you’ve already done this, the next step is to make sure you drink close to 8 cups a day.  Let your body guide you to know if you need a little more or less.
  2. Get your body moving.  Get your blood flowing and the muscles working.  This helps get oxygen to your cells, detoxes your blood and tones your body. Win-win-win. Some suggestions:  go for daily walks/hikes, take the stairs, park far away from the door, do jumping jacks, dance.  The trick is to do things you LIKE, not dread.  If you don’t like running 3 miles around a track, don’t torture yourself.  Find something that you LIKE and gets your body moving.
  3. Do things that give you joy.  Let’s take #2 one step further and incorporate joy into more aspects of your life.  This is a glass is half full way of saying minimize your stress. I think this is something we ignore too much.  The more joy we have, the less stress we have – whether it’s saying no to stressful things or just having more capacity to deal with stress because we have tons of oxytocin and positivity running through our body.
  4. Eat balanced meals. Another one that is easier said than done. To be clear, that means you don’t skip breakfast, lunch or dinner. Once your there, try to include at least one vegetable in each meal. Take it a step further by getting in the kitchen and MAKING dinner at least once (or more) a week. (Hiring a personal chef helps too if making your own just isn’t going to happen.  The key is to have homemade meals.)
  5. Be prepared.  Prepare a weekly meal plan, keep a stocked pantry and carry a bag of almonds, individual sized packet of nut butter or other healthy snack in your purse or car. The better prepared you are with a healthy food, the less likely you will grab the junk food.
  6. Do the detox you’ve been thinking about. Don’t let fear, overwhelm or your schedule stop you.  Sign up here for my FREE call next Wednesday January 18th about 3 Mistakes Busy Women Make About Detoxing and What To Do Instead. I will tell you what you need to do to fit a detox into your schedule and be successful. This is great if you’ve been thinking about it for months (or even years!) and haven’t pulled the trigger yet.
  7. Get support.  DIY is great but nothing beats professional help to get to the root and really solve your problem. No more band-aids that just cover up your symptoms. You not only get proven solutions but also get the motivation, inspiration and done-for-you planning that will make reaching your goal all the more doable.

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