Happy Halloween!

We completed the first week of my 5-day detox on Friday and now we are starting Week 2 with more participants… a lot of the women from Week 1 are continuing on for another week.  That’s how amazing they feel.

Halloween crept in between the two weeks… and some detoxers asked about how to handle the temptation of Halloween candy.  This is the advice I gave them.  I thought I’d share it with you too.

5 ways to enjoy Halloween and keep the temptation down:

  1. Get rid of the candy ASAP. If it’s on the counter (or even in your cupboard) you are more likely to eat it. Offer your kids a “trade”.  They trade in the candy for money and then get to buy a small toy. (Then throw away the candy – you don’t necessarily need to let them see this.) Or ask them to donate the candy to less fortunate children (I think throwing away is better, maybe donate food to a food bank in lieu.)  The sooner it’s out of your house, the better off you will be.
  2. Have some super delicious healthy snacks in the house that would make you just as happy. A homemade treat made with a higher quality sweetener like coconut palm sugar, maple syrup or honey instead of white sugar would be great.  (You can see my pumpkin suggestions here.)
  3. Make sure you are eating your balanced meals – especially on Halloween. That means you don’t go trick or treating without eating first. If you body has the nourishment it needs, your less likely to crave the sweets and turning them down won’t be a big act of will power.
  4. Let yourself have 1 or 2 pieces of candy if you want it.  And enjoy it. Deprivation doesn’t serve anyone in the long run.  And don’t feel guilty about it either.  The stress and negative energy will do you more harm than the candy.  But if possible have the highest quality candy you can find. Read the ingredients… (I understand if this is your “ONE” time to have your favorite childhood candy bar.  It took me a while to wean off of Snickers.)
  5. Have your 1 or 2 pieces and notice how it makes you feel after eating it. The more you start to connect how foods make you feel the less likely you will want them. You will find over time that you’ll find candy to be too sweet and you actually won’t like it or want it as much. **This is especially important if you have a known reason not to eat sugar.  One way for you to start recognizing the connection is by writing it down.

This advice holds for any celebration – birthdays, Halloween, Christmas or any other holiday.  And starting today, the temptation for sweets will continue strong for the next 2 months. It’s always best to have some homemade recipes (or goodies) at the ready so that you can still participate but not take in all the processed sugar.

Don’t think you have the time to make a homemade treat?  Want to make the time to cook nutritious meals and snacks?  Then join me for my next online cooking class and let’s get everything ready for a weeks worth of meals in one night.

The theme for the next class will be focused on Thanksgiving.  The recipes are great for your Thanksgiving Day festivities or to have before or after the holiday when you are entertaining friends and family.  I’ll give some great ideas for appetizers, sides, leftovers, and dessert.  All you’ll have to do is pop them in the oven, skillet or bowl and your homemade meals are as good as done.

I will be running this class like I did the 5-day Detox.  There will be two dates.  The first is November 14 and the second is November 21.  You can attend one or both.  Click here for details.

And I’m excited to announce a change in the name…the Get It Done Online Cooking Class it will now be called Homemade Meals Cooking ClubJoin me. It’s super fun & productive.