The Spring Fling Online Wellness Retreat starts Friday, April 29th. I want you to understand the difference between this and a group detox or cleanse.

I struggled with naming it. Last year I called it a Wellness Bootcamp & Detox and after running it, it didn’t feel right calling it that again.

My friends and coaches told me that ‘detox’ is overused and unappealing. No one wants to do a detox. No one wants to feel deprived. No one wants to feel like they failed.

All true. And that’s not how I work. That’s not what this is about.

Sure, bootcamp sounds challenging and maybe even fun but I am not a drill Sargent. I don’t want you to feel like you have to do something because I told you. I want you to choose it for yourself.

The word “retreat” I like. I want you to feel like you have the space to learn to make small shifts that have a big impact but don’t feel forced or extreme.

To quote a past participant,

‘It created space to take time for myself with like-minded women.’

A detox or cleanse program you do for a short period of time. It involves giving up certain foods or being an a strict diet to cleanse your body.  What I have found that if it is framed this way, your mentality is different. You view it as short-term and go through it wanting it to end so that you can add back that something you were not ready to give up (ahemmm…coffee!).

Sometimes a detox or cleanse diet is extreme and it is not meant to be followed for an extended period of time. Ideally, a detox or cleanse is great to do once or twice a year but most of us of are not ready for it.

A wellness retreat program gives you the tools you need to make smart choices for yourself. It may involve giving up certain foods but more generally it revolves around making better choices for yourself.

I usually recommend only giving up 1-2 things at a time. This allows you time to make a connection with how not eating this particular food affects how you feel.   With this, the wellness plan allows you to have buy-in and you will be more willing to make longer-lasting changes because YOU felt a real difference. And this change is not with a mindset of forever – but with an understanding that the longer the period of time, the longer your body has to heal. You’ll also gain an understanding of what to do when you do eat those foods (because no one is perfect) so that you and your body can recover more quickly.

Depending on where you are, maybe giving up foods or a stricter diet is the right focus for you. But maybe,  your focus is not on giving up foods at all but on eating consistently and adding more healthy variety to your daily routine.

There is flexibility here to tailor it to your needs…without feeling like you are doing it wrong, not getting the full benefit or that you are alone.

You’ll have a private session with me where we can talk about your issues and your goals and come up with a plan for you.

It’s online to make it more accessible to more of you. You will have a chance to connect with other participants and me on the video calls and in a private Facebook page.

I invite to you join me for my Spring Fling Online Wellness Retreat. It will make a big difference in how you feel.

Here’s are some of detailed highlights of the Spring Fling Wellness Retreat.

Meal Suggestions

During the Spring Fling, you will receive weekly meal suggestions with delicious, easy recipes that you and your family will love.   You will also learn how to easily re-create these fun, easy weekly meal plans for yourself so you never have to scramble at dinner time again.

Understanding Healthy Choices

You will get a clear understanding of the what and the why so you can make better choices for yourself.  You’ll expand your vocabulary to include different sweeteners, grains, fats and proteins so that you have more healthy choices.

More Energy to do what you LOVE

The action steps you will take during the Spring Fling will leave you with the energy to do what you love and more! 

Clarity and Focus

With a private 20-minute session with me, you have a clear and attainable action plan that is relevant for you.  We’ll also have weekly guided meditations and a women’s circle to help you let go and refocus.


You will get the support and accountability you need to make the changes you want.  You will get encouragement to keep going and forgiveness when you stray.

Access to Guest Experts

We will chat with three guest experts to learn about reducing toxins that you drink, eat and put on your body.

Kay Karchevski of Multi-pure Water Systems.  We’ll talk about the need to filter water and why and the difference between the different types of water filters.

Irina Webb of I Read Labels For You. We’ll talk about BPA in foods.

Sharon Berman of Sage Women Essentials.  We’ll talk about DIY replacements for cleaning supplies and your medicine cabinet.


“After the Spring Fling, I felt a big shift. I felt a lot more energy. I felt less hungry and less interested in crappy food.

I am inspired to cook. Instead of letting things rot in the fridge or counter, I am taking the initiative and looking up a recipe online. The Breakfast Challenge and Spring Fling were warm-ups to get more familiar with eating healthy. Now it just comes easier and I feel much more relaxed.” – Caroline

I hope you’ll join me.  If you have questions about whether this is right for you, contact me here and let’s have a quick chat.