Have you been thinking about a health goal or change but are too overwhelmed by the thought of it? Then I invite you to read to the bottom. I have some small ideas for you.

I mean, seriously, if January is any indication of how crazy this year will be, I can see your hesitation.

But, IF this year IS going to be THAT crazy and you are already tired and dragging by 3pm then you really do need to do something otherwise you won’t survive the year very long.

Have no fear because being healthy doesn’t have to be hard or complicated or all consuming. You can make small shifts every day that will have a big impact on how you feel.

Here are 3 suggestions to get you started today.

Take Three Deep Breaths Right Now

Breathing takes the bite out of stress. It will almost instantly calm you down and give your mind and body an opportunity to regroup, re-access and move forward.

It brings more oxygen to your body, which will give you more energy and clarity. And it puts your body into the parasympathetic mode – which brings you out of the fight or flight response, improves your immune system and allows you to digest.  (Hint:  If you are not digesting properly, your body is not getting what it needs to function.)

Take three deep breaths right now, I’ll wait.




Go For A Walk Later Today

Take a 10-20 minute walk. Even 5 minutes will do some good.

Our bodies like movement, even in small amounts. Your blood will flow better, providing oxygen to your cells. You will feel more alert. Your body will detox more efficiently. You’ll burn some calories. Your muscles will be engaged.

Take a walk during daylight and you’ll reinforce your biological clock with the day and night patterns of nature. It will help you sleep better.

Sometime today, take a walk around the block or take the long way home or to your car.

Start A Journal Tonight

What does a journal have to do with feeling healthier? Well, writing in a journal will give you insight into your life and your patterns.  It will help you connect the dots with what you do and how you feel. You will find you have more A-ha moments.

A-ha moments help you make connections.  It’s when you realize ‘Hmm…when I do X, Y happens’ and then ‘OMG, THAT’S why I blah, blah, blah all the time’. After you’ve made a connection like that, amazing things can happen. Writing it down and setting a goal after an a-ha makes your commitment much more powerful and increases the probability of you achieving your goal.  Nice.

Want more suggestions like these? Need help writing a journal, connecting the dots or figuring out what your next small step will be?

Then, sign up for my Back to Basics Mini-Course.

You will get more tips on habits that will improve your health with minimal effort. You’ll get more of the why and more of the how, along with support and accountability.

The focus of the course is on your sleeping and eating patterns and choices. This is not a detox.  You will not be asked to give up anything. You’ll be guided to add small changes over 10 days. And you’ll have the opportunity to get individualized help at a monthly group coaching call.

All you need is 20 minutes a day. You can listen to 5-minute audios and fill out your journal where you can write down your current attitudes and patterns. You will also have the opportunity to choose your next action step.

You choose the time of day that works best for you. And you can repeat the 10-day course as often as you’d like.

Sign up today and you’ll start tomorrow. It’s all online and you can start anytime. It really is that easy.

Register here and the rest of the year will be that much easier.