Getting back into a morning routine after summer break is not easy.  If your last two weeks have been anything like mine, it’s been a whirlwind compared to the leisurely pace of August.

I was in COMPLETE summer mode.

Getting the kids fed, the cat/dog fed and walked, lunches packed, and everyone dressed before 8am seems almost impossible.  The last person you think of, of course, is you.

You forgo breakfast and your shower and run out the door feeling frazzled and frantic.  When it comes to self-care, it’s hard not to feel like a TOTAL failure.

Here are 3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine so YOU Can Thrive.

1. Drink Water

The first thing you can do to take care of yourself is drink water. Literally.  First thing in the morning, drink 4 – 8 oz. of water.  Do it as soon as you get in the bathroom or kitchen. Chug down 4 – 8 oz., no more, that’s about all your body can process all at once.  You can then sip another 4 – 8 oz. during the morning craze or on your drive, if you have the time.

This will give you energy and wake up your digestion so you don’t feel dragged down by feeling constipated. (Let’s face it –  this is a problem for most of us!)  In fact, drinking more water will increase your energy all day.

2. Eat Breakfast

The second thing to do is eat breakfast.  Wait a minute…I said EASY ways.    How can breakfast be easy? Well, I will show you how in my free Breakfast Challenge.   Nothing will simultaneously bring you more calm and energy to your day than a nice healthy balanced breakfast.
You will get 5 amazing, easy and delicious recipes emailed to you everyday PLUS support to cheer you on, get you back on track and show you you are not alone. Want more information? Get the details here and sign up today!

3.  Move  

The third thing you can do is move your body.  I’m not necessarily talking about that walk or run you’ve been meaning to take (though that would be great).  I’m talking more basic movement.  Little bursts. That could be things like knee bends and jumping jacks or even parking further than you have to so you can walk more…but I’m sure your not jumping at the chance to do those.  So, here’s one that’s actually fun – dance.  Turn the music on and get your body moving as you do other things.  It will not only get your blood flowing (providing oxygen to your body) but also raise your mood and add a little fun to your morning routine.

Give these one or all of these a try and move from surviving the morning to thriving in the morning.