I must admit, I am liking this Back-To-School thing.

I am only at the very beginning with a Kindergartener but I already see that it “gets easier every year”.  A little more independence from and for him and a little more time for me.

I like that trade.

Don’t get me wrong.  I adore my little guy and LOVE spending time with him. But it’s nice to have a little more time for me.

I also know that with the official start of (the) school (years)
comes the obligation to participate as a parent.  I just got my first email from the school listing ways I can participate this year and a sign up sheet for the first event.

I’m sure you’ve gotten similar emails.  So…(and this applies to anyone who suddenly has more time on their hands…)…

Before you start volunteering for every bake sale, room parent job and fundraising opportunity at the school or take a new job, please take a moment for yourself.   

Make back to school be back to YOU.

As you plan out the school year and ponder which job you will volunteer for, take some time to plan some self-care or YOU-time into the mix.

I mean really take the time to set a personal goal, a self-care goal, an I-want-to-feel-good-again goal. And then do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Carve out time. Ask for help. Go for a run or a walk. Take the class.  Go to yoga.  Tell a friend & have them join you. Plan quality time with girlfriends. Spend the money on you.

You deserve it.  And your family does too.  They deserve to be with the best version of you, before and after all the obligations are done.

The best version of you starts with you feeling strong, able and clear.  I’d love to help you with this little gift to get you started.

I’d love to give you my 5 Ways To Boost Your Energy Levels Today.  Click here for your copy.

Print it out.  Keep it on your night stand. Post it in the bathroom, kitchen, or office.  Make the time to do them. Follow these simple steps and start to feel a shift.

Remember to make this Back-to-School also be Back-to-You time.