healthy trend food vanilla chia puddingIf you’ve been following my blog posts, you know how important I think breakfast is.  It’s my #1 tip to fight that n-e-e-d for a late afternoon coffee or nap.

In fact with new clients, breakfast is usually the first thing we start with. This small shift can make a huge difference.

I see it time and time again.

When a new client shifts her routine around breakfast, she almost immediately feels a significant increase in her energy levels – All. Day. Long.  And her desire to snack on sweets declines dramatically too – bonus!

But eating breakfast is easier said than done.  I know from experience (my own and clients too).  It’s hard to stick to it consistently.

That’s why I decided to create my Breakfast Challenge (sign up today….it’s free) …to give you the little push, guidance and motivation you need to be more diligent about eating breakfast. It’s free and I’d love for you to join.

Sometimes it feels impossible to get a good breakfast in, so we skip it, munch on leftovers from our kid’s breakfast, or drink lots of coffee.  

Here are verbatim examples of what clients have written in the breakfast category of their food journal when they first start working with me…


Fruit cup and a few bits of my daughter’s croissant

1 cookie + pot of coffee

Rarely eat breakfast, just water and pot of coffee

A workout

Coffee, just coffee

Is this you?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But these will not help you get through the day with energy and resilience. In fact, they will do the opposite.

I’ve written two blog posts that explain why.

The first – Why Breakfast Is Important – introduces the idea of breakfast as a solution for the mid-day slump. You get tips on when to eat and a brief summary of what you should include in your breakfast.

The second blog – The Breakfast, Cortisol and Sleep Connection – dives a little deeper.   It explains the affect of breakfast on your cortisol and blood sugar levels and how this affects your energy throughout the day and your ability to sleep peacefully at night.   I offer three breakfasts suggestions to get your started.

Today, I’d like to take you further with my Breakfast Challenge to help you actually develop a routine for breakfast.

Don’t worry, it will be painless and easy. And the results will surprise you!

When you register, you will get Your Guide to a Healthy Breakfast that includes a breakfast menu plan, shopping list and recipes. It will also include tips on how to make it happen with a busy schedule. Throughout the 5 days, you will also get daily emails with tips and reminders.  Sound good?  Register for free here to get your copy and be part of the challenge. It’s my gift to you!

The Breakfast Challenge is a precursor to more I have in the works for you that will get you looking and feeling great for Summer. . .   Can you believe it’s just around the corner? Stay tuned for more details.

But first things first.  Join the Breakfast Challenge and tell a friend.  Register today.

Eat Breakfast and Rock Your Day!