martini shaker / garlic peelerWith only 4 shoppings days left, I thought I would share a couple last minute gift ideas.

Gift Idea #1- Martini Mixer.  It makes an excellent garlic peeler.

I got the idea from NPR and the editor of Saveur Magazine.  On All Things Considered they talked about a garlic trick that could change your life.  The trick is to put the garlic in two metal bowls of equal size and shake.  I tried it.  It works but it’s awkward, especially if you have small hands.   I was walking through Cost Plus World Market,  saw a martini shaker and thought…’THAT would make an awesome garlic peeler!’  And it does.

So the” trick” is to separate the garlic cloves by smashing it with the heel of your hand.  Place all the bulbs (or as many as you need) in the shaker and shake for about a minute.   Open shaker and voilà: all the skins are off.   Fast and no more stinky garlic fingers.  It WILL change your life.  Get out your favorite garlic recipe!  Garlic is a great healing herb.  It’s especially good for the liver.

Gift Idea #2- Nutrition Counseling.  With the New Year upon us, most of us are thinking up our New Year’s Resolution.  And for many, it will be “Eat Healthier” or “Lose Weight” or “Give up the coffee and scone in the morning”.  But what does that mean for you and where do you start?  I am offering a great introductory session that will help you figure that out.  Please see my  Holiday Gift Ideas.

Happy Giving!