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5-Day Detox

Whole-food based detoxes to reset your eating habits, your hormones, and get rid of toxins.

Offered 3 times a year.

Next Detox: (Peri)Menopause Detox

Jun 25-29

Cooking Classes

Cooking at home is an important step to healing.  Get inspired and learn how to cook to get the most nutrition out of your meals. 


Upcoming classes offered at

In The Kitchen (Emeryville CA)

Jun 9:  Healthy Summer Meals

Aug 25: A Taste of Paleo

Sept 15:  Fertility Foods

Oct 13: Healthy Fall Meals

Nov 17:  Healthy Holiday Meals

Upcoming Webinars/Interviews


Unexplained Infertility: Demystify What Your Body Is Trying To Tell You

September 2018

More info to follow