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Summer Peaches – Ginger, Cinnamon, & Vanilla Infused Peach Puree

Summer is unofficially here and I am so excited to see summer fruits and vegetables back at the farmer’s market. Seeing peaches again reminds me of how last year I often found myself going a little overboard at the farmer’s market --  buying too many peaches.  When...

The Perfect End of Summer Salad Recipe: Tomato, Peach and Red Onion Salad

It's tomato season and time to think about all things tomato. In October last year, I wrote that we had tomatoes coming out our ears.  Our garden was exploding with tomatoes.  Sadly, this year, it's not looking like that will happen. There is still time so I am hoping...

Holiday Coconut Eggnog

I love eggnog. But I just couldn’t get myself to buy the store-bought versions this year. I read the ingredients and there are just fillers that I don’t care to consume. So, here’s my version of eggnog. I made it dairy-free and sugar-free for a fun twist (and perhaps...

Gazpacho Soup: Your Solution to Too Many Tomatoes

Tomato season is in full swing.  And if you planted tomatoes in your garden like I did, you may have more tomatoes than you know what to do with.  Here’s one suggestion…Gazpacho soup.  Easy & refreshing, it’s a great soup for these late (and hot!) summer / early fall...

Holiday Favorites – (Raw) Kale Fennel and Orange Salad

With holiday parties in the offing, you may be stuck trying to think of what to bring.  I’ll be posting some great holiday recipes this month, including some low glycemic desserts.  Whether you are hosting a party, bringing a dish to a party, or just dining at home,...

7 Tips for a Healthier Happier YOU

  Can you believe it’s time for another New Year’s Resolution? I’m pass along my tips for making a successful, health-full New Year’s Resolution again. I’ve posted these tips for the last 2 years and this year I am adding two more. You may be wondering if it’s worth...

Can I Really Make Green Juice with a Blender?

Juicer vs Blender?  Sometimes we get stuck on technicalities.  My client was surprised (and relieved!) to hear that yes, you can use a blender to make green juice.  The more high-powered blenders -- like a Vitamix -- will give you a smoother texture but if you don’t...

We may collect, use and process your data according to the terms of our Privacy Policy.