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Simple & Sweet Holiday Dessert – Cardamom-Infused Coconut Whipped Cream (with Sautéed Cinnamon Apples)

At one of my recent workshops, someone asked me if there was such a thing as a healthy dessert. Sure, there is. You just might not find it in the grocery aisle or on the holiday dessert table.  Desserts tend to go overboard with sugar. We have been trained into...

Why did I eat SO much? Here’s a little remedy…

I hope you had an abundant Thanksgiving with family and friends. SO much good food, pie and wine...and with leftovers - it never ends! But are you feeling the Thanksgiving hang-over now? Feeling the bloat, heartburn or constipation? Here's a little trick to help...

5 ways to enjoy Halloween and keep the temptation down

Happy Halloween! We completed the first week of my 5-day detox on Friday and now we are starting Week 2 with more participants… a lot of the women from Week 1 are continuing on for another week.  That’s how amazing they feel. Halloween crept in between the two weeks…...

4 Easy Tips to Keep The Bad Stuff Out of Your Grocery Bag

I was doing some research for a client on the EWG’s website and I happened on the article called“Yoga Mat” Chemical Found in nearly 500 Foods. A few months ago Vani Hari, food activist and blogger, succeeded in petitioning Subway to remove a chemical additive from...

Blueberry Blast Smoothie With Coconut Milk

Blueberry season has come to an end.   It seems appropriate to bid them a fond farewell with this delicious smoothie.  I hope you loaded up on blueberries throughout the summer …and hopefully still have a few ice trays full of frozen blueberries to last you a while...

5 reasons to get out the pumpkin spice that will leave you feeling great

It's pumpkin time and time to get out the pumpkin spice. One of the great things about fall is not only the huge variety of pumpkin and winter squash but also the use of the pumpkin spice blend. It’s in the air everywhere. The combination is incredibly delicious and...

Why Organic?

I was amazed by the recent Stanford University study on organic foods published in the Sept. 4 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine and  widely reported in newspapers, radio and TV.   The headlines read something like this  “Little evidence of health benefits from...