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3 ways to deal with Election Day stress

I know you might still be dealing with the emotions & stress from Tuesday's election...and this entire election cycle. I know a lot of women are asking themselves "what can I do?" and I know some who have already started taking action to create more ‘good’ in the...

5 reasons to get out the pumpkin spice that will leave you feeling great

It's pumpkin time and time to get out the pumpkin spice. One of the great things about fall is not only the huge variety of pumpkin and winter squash but also the use of the pumpkin spice blend. It’s in the air everywhere. The combination is incredibly delicious and...

5 Tips to Rein in Your Holiday Sweet Tooth without Spoiling the Fun

‘Tis the Season …for sugar.  We are now full swing into the holiday season and that means lots of sugar ‘n spice.  I thought I’d offer some information on sugar and some small tips for keeping your sugar intake in check this holiday season. According to the Department...

Do you need to detox?  3 things that happen when you do

Do you need to detox? The short answer is yes. Everyone could use a focused detox at least once a year.  Ideally, you want to do it every quarter.  This is for optimum health. The truth is your body is detoxing every second of every single day. You are constantly...

How to improve your health with gratitude

Gratitude and connection help balance our hormones.

Soothe Your Adrenals with this Orange Dream Smoothie

Last week, I woke up dreaming about Orange Dreamsicles.  I have very fond memories eating those as a kid.  I have been trying to think of my favorite boxed grocery items in preparation of this week’s Kitchen Pantry Makeover Cooking Class at Taste Kitchen & Table. The...

Best Food for Healthy Bones: Bones

Mother nature is clever.  Foods that are good for you often look like the body part they most support.  There are tons of examples of this:  carrots for eyes, walnuts for the brain, and bones for bones! Bones?  Yes, bones.  Bones contain all of the minerals from the...